Payroll services

Payroll services

Payroll services

Our company provide complete payroll services for our clients including:

  • Creating payroll runs for your employees
  • Filing declarations to ZUS
  • Creating employment contracts, employment certificates and other documents connected with employment
  • Running personal acts
  • Preparation of year end taxes
  • Service of civil law contracts (commission, work) and piecework contracts
  • Company and employees registration in the tax office and ZUS
  • Creating and filing the tax and insurance declarations for the trade
  • Sending employees for the medical tests and other required by the legislation principles
  • Acting as the company representation and help during the audits from tax authorities (US), PIP, ZUS


Outside service allows to save up on hiring payroll specialist internally. By using our services clients receive monthly VAT invoices for the payroll services done for their company. We offer:

  • Professional payroll services
  • Taking on the responsibility for the payroll accuracy done by our office
  • Availability to give us the files or storing them in the client’s office (payroll specialist visit client’s site)
  • No need to hire company payroll specialist – lack of problems in case of the sick leave, maternity leave, holidays, changes of the personnel
  • Usually lower costs of service compared to monthly wages

Range of the payroll services (staff management):

  • Full service on settling payroll documentation of client’s employees (personal files)
  • Preparation and filing the reporting and settlements forms
  • Registration of the employee working hours including overtime and night shifts
  • Registration and settlement of the holidays and other absences including unpaid holidays, maternity leave, sick leave, etc.
  • Preparation and archiving of the employment contracts, contract attachments, employment certificates and other legislation documents
  • Doing controls over the health and safety trainings expiry dates, preparation of the trainings
  • Doing controls and issuing applications for the medical check-ups (initial and periodical)
  • Acting as clients representative or providing assistance in case of audits for governmental institutions (ZUS, PIP, US)

Range of other payroll services:

  • Calculating wages for each employee such us: the basic pay and additional benefits, in accordance to the employment contract and applicable regulation of work and pay
  • Preparation of the pay list and payslips
  • Calculations of the appropriate premiums for the mandatory social health insurance as well as preparation and filing of the monthly forms to ZUS
  • Adding income tax pre payments and preparation of the tax documentation for the client
  • Issuing employment and wages certificates
  • Preparation and filing monthly reports to PFRO

Additional payroll services:

  • Audit, modification of the existing Work Regulations/ Company Social Fund or creating them from the beginning
  • Audit of the personal files
  • Safe storing and archiving of the documentation and payroll data